Your versatile life companion

Whether your child uses it as a space into which they can retreat or as a place in which to work: woodchip walls in your child's bedroom - the right wallcovering for every phase of their life.

A new and exciting phase of their life starts at the end of the summer holidays – they start school! They start to crave greater independence and their own personal taste continues to develop. So it's clear that their own bedroom will come under scrutiny too and that some changes may be needed.

When it comes to furniture, in most cases the focus is on a desk, as children tend to learn more easily when they have a good place to work. Their bedroom also becomes a place into which they can retreat, and get together with friends away from their parents.

This milestone represents a fantastic opportunity to plan the new look of your child's room together with them. And if you have already opted for a woodchip wallcovering in the past, you will now be benefiting from the fact that it can be re-painted several times. In place of painstakingly removing old wallcoverings or even retouching plaster, you can immediately get started with the fun part – painting! You might choose to opt for brighter or darker colours, depending on your taste and how the room is to be subsequently laid out. A single wall in a different colour can be used as a statement wall – with geometric shapes and stripes also being easy to do. The refurbishment of your child's room can therefore be done at reasonable expense but also offers the opportunity for individual creative design.

But woodchip is equally good if you need to hang wallpaper on the walls as it is simple and easy to use: simply cut the length you need from the roll, apply paste and, once the paste has soaked in, simply hang the lengths on the wall one at a time. Allow the wallcovering to dry – and you're done! It couldn't be simpler!

And woodchip has yet another crucial benefit apart from being versatile in terms of colour, ease of use and durability: it is manufactured solely from high-quality recycled paper mixed with wood fibres from sustainably managed forests. It is also free from plasticisers, solvents and PVC that are harmful to health and is proven to be particularly low-emission – also in terms of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). It means that parents and children can take a long, deep breath and look forward to the new phase in their lives!

A child's bedroom is really the first room in which a child can allow their own individual style to evolve. And this also applies to the wallcovering: colour, pattern, border – anything is possible with woodchip. This healthy wallcovering containing no pollutants can be re-painted several times and is guaranteed to accompany your child throughout many years of their life.

Moving from nursery school to 'real' school is an important step for children and parents alike – in terms of the design of the child's room as well. MBut their room can be redecorated in a trice with woodchip on the wall: just repaint it and add a few nice accessories to finish it off.

From children's bedroom to 'home office' for teenagers: kids' furniture, yet also their style, requirements change as they get older. So it's a good thing that woodchip wallcoverings can cope with any changes – simply repaint and you'll have adapted the walls to the new phase in your child's life in no time.

Versatility and healthy products are key when it comes to decorating your child's bedroom. Woodchip wins out on all counts – it can be re-painted several times and so "grows" as your child's taste develops. It is also free of PVC and plasticisers.