Smooth walls are totally on-trend

Diversity in terms of style, health and sustainability: the new ERFURT-Variovlies nonwoven product range – ideal products to design smooth walls!

Smooth walls continue to be totally on-trend. However, when it comes to achieving this contemporary interior design look, the question is always: is plaster or flat nonwoven wallcovering the best option? Plastering is always a time-consuming and exacting process and really needs to be done by a professional to obtain a perfect finish – not forgetting the expense too. Subsequent refurbishment is inevitably expensive due to the amount of work involved and the dirt and mess created. Homogeneous, surface-smoothing and crack-covering flat nonwoven, also known as 'decorator's nonwoven' is an ideal alternative to "bare walls". It can be used to create flat smooth walls that look like they have been done by a professional but, thanks to its ease of use, you can "do it yourself". With its extensive, revised range of ERFURT-Variovlies nonwoven wallcoverings, Erfurt & Sohn has a wide selection to offer the optimum solution whatever the application.

Diversity thanks to new Variovlies nonwoven wallcoverings

The ERFURT-Variovlies range of wallcoverings offers a comprehensive range of products. The new concept focuses on the benefits of the wallcovering and clearly highlights the differentiating features and performance benefits of the individual nonwoven wallcoverings. A new and more comprehensible overview is now available in retailers that shows how decorators can achieve flat, smooth walls step by step. So now everyone can find the right nonwoven wallcovering for every application and interior style. Do you require greater sustainability? No problem! Then Erfurt-Variovlies Eco Green is the perfect solution: it is made of 100% recycled fibres and is the first carbon-neutral flat nonwoven. Its particularly smooth surface also ensures the economical use of paint. Variovlies Plano Superwhite is undoubtedly the go-to product when you are looking for the perfect base surface for a wide range of coatings, including paint, wallcoverings, and even plaster. This durable, opaque flat nonwoven made of recycled paper, reinforced with textile fibres, provides particularly good base coverage and so is ideal for creative wall effect techniques. Variovlies Flat Classic 150 g and Flat Premium 170 g are cellulose flat nonwoven wallcoverings made of high-quality fresh cellulose, which is also reinforced with textile fibres. Whereas Flat Classic can be used universally and replace the reinforcing strip needed with dry walls, Flat Premium guarantees greater reliability with its high surface weight. It is even capable of supporting areas of plaster, which can then simply be removed with the wallcovering when you come to redecorate. If you are looking for a fine texture that is insensitive to the effects of grazing light on your wall, then Variovlies Sisal and Sand nonwoven wallcoverings are a very attractive solution. Their surfaces elegantly set off every interior style. All new Erfurt nonwoven wallcoverings have one thing in common: they all come in a practical convenient width of 75 cm. Not only does this save time when handling the wallcoverings, visually there are also fewer seams.

Smooth flat walls with Variovlies – a sophisticated look and a wealth of benefits

Erfurt & Sohn Variovlies nonwoven wallcoverings provide an ideal base for making your own designs a reality but also promise the ultimate quality – in terms of health too. The wallcoverings have always been produced without the addition of plasticisers, PVC or solvents. Their breathable and moisture-regulating properties also improve the indoor climate, providing even greater comfort within your own four walls. Hairline cracks, such as those found in new buildings or dry walls, are concealed by their exceptional crack-covering properties. Another major benefit is their ease of use – even for inexperienced or novice decorators. Flat nonwoven wallcoverings can be easily hung using the paste-the-wall technique and be applied to all base surfaces suitable for wallpapering. On top of that, like all Erfurt wallcoverings, they can be re-painted several times, and are also easy to remove if need be.

Erfurt & Sohn's new Variovlies nonwoven wallcoverings provide healthy, user-friendly wallpapering solutions, which also form the perfect base for inspiring interior design – for a sophisticated look that adds value to your walls!

The new ERFURT-Variovlies product range clearly focuses on the benefits of the wallcovering and highlights the differentiating features and performance benefits of the individual nonwoven wallcoverings. Every decorator is now guaranteed to find their perfect solution. Photo: Erfurt Wallcoverings

A major benefit of flat nonwoven wallcoverings: they can be applied quickly and easily to all base surfaces that can be wallpapered using the paste-the-wall technique. Photo: Erfurt Wallcoverings

Simply apply the paste directly to the wall and lay the dry wallcovering into the bed of paste. Photo: Erfurt Wallcoverings

Erfurt wallcoverings can be re-painted several times and also easily removed if required. Photo: Erfurt Wallcoverings

Erfurt-Variovlies Eco Green is made of 100% recycled fibres and is the first carbon-neutral flat nonwoven. Photo: Erfurt Wallcoverings

The breathable and moisture-regulating properties of Variovlies nonwoven wallcoverings improve the indoor climate, providing even greater comfort in your own four walls. Photo: Erfurt Wallcoverings

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