Save energy and generate additional business with surface heating!

Energy costs have increased dramatically - saving energy is the order of the day. Our heating habits, in particular, will need to be more flexible in future. Wallcovering specialist Erfurt & Sohn is now extending its range with an electrical wall and ceiling heating system, which can help to save heating costs by supporting existing central heating. The ingenious part: thanks to its safe operating voltage, the surface heating system FH 300 PRO can be installed without any need for an electrician. This provides decorators with an opportunity to extend their portfolio with a lucrative new product and service.

Wuppertal, August 2022 - (fpr) Thermal radiation-based heating has been around for a long time. Whether underfloor heating, tiled stoves or ceiling heating - they are all characterised by a slow warm-up, as a lot of mass always needs to be heated before heat can be emitted. In contrast, the new electric surface heating system Erfurt KlimaTec FH 300 PRO reacts very quickly, as it is installed directly under the surface. The system is therefore perfect as an addition to existing heating systems. The unnecessary heating of infrequently used rooms, such as bathrooms, guest toilets or workshops, increases heating costs. An electric radiant heating system can produce heat instantly when it is needed, so that the perceived room temperature can reach a pleasant level in the blink of an eye, even in rooms heated to a lower temperature.


Simple installation, easy to use, no maintenance

The Erfurt KlimaTec FH 300 PRO system is suitable for all interior walls and ceilings, such as living rooms, loft extensions, fitness and sauna areas and conservatories. The system impresses with its simple installation and ease of use and does not require any maintenance. The central component is a special carbon-based thermal nonwoven, optimised for the emission of radiant heat. It can heat wall surfaces extremely quickly, thanks to its flat surface height and minimal installation depth. Heating is managed by a combination of a wireless room thermostat and wireless socket - both are included with the system. The surface heating system only works until the thermostat has reached the set temperature. Good to know: a total of up to five holes (up to 70 mm in size) can be made in the thermal nonwoven - without impeding the heat emission. So you can still hang pictures and shelves on it.


Install heating as easily as hanging wallpaper
The surface heating system is delivered as a complete set; the package includes a carbon-based thermal nonwoven, the power pack and a wireless thermostat with wireless socket. The heating element is adhered to the wall with KlimaTec system adhesive SR 6 and plastered over to a depth of at least 2mm. The following is crucial: the closer the thermal nonwoven is to the surface, the faster the heating system reacts. As the system works with protective low-voltage (alternating current with a safe 36 V), there’s no need for an electrician to install the system. Handy hint: if the KlimaTec FH 300 PRO is adhered to climate panels or interior insulation panels, the heat radiation increases and with it the efficiency of the system. The surface can be finished in any way, either wallpapering, painting, plastering or adding another layer of nonwoven wallcovering. The installation position of the thermal nonwoven is chosen depending on where people spend the most time. Unobstructed installation in front of or behind seating or a table is ideal. Installation behind furniture or wallcoverings which do not allow the heat to permeate is not permitted as this will prevent the heat radiation. In conclusion: increasing heating costs create an increasing demand for energy-saving  alternative heating methods. An on-demand electric radiant heating system takes pressure off the central heating, tangibly reducing heating costs. The new Erfurt surface heating system opens up an attractive opportunity for decorators to offer customers an efficient heat source for infrequently used rooms and also install it independently. You can find further information at www.erfurt.en/klimatec


KlimaTec FH 300 PRO – Technical data

Carbon-based thermal nonwoven:

  • Dimensions: 2,200 x 600 x 0.4 mm, separable ( L x W x H )       
  • Output: 220 watts/m² 

Power pack:

  • Nominal output: 300 watts
  • Nominal primary voltage: 220 V AC 50/60 Hz
  • Nominal secondary voltage: 36 V AC (protective low-voltage)
  • Secondary current: 8.33 A                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

The electric surface heating system KlimaTec FH 300 PRO works with beneficial heat radiation - it is installed in such a way that it can directly heat a desk workspace, for example. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

The beneficial heat radiation from Erfurt KlimaTec has an immediate effect - making the electrical surface heating system a perfect addition to bathroom heating. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings/Philip Kistner)

The carbon-based nonwoven of Erfurt's KlimaTec FH 300 PRO has been optimised for thermal radiation. The thin heating mat is installed two millimetres under the surface of the wall. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

The Erfurt surface heating system KlimaTec FH 300 PRO is inserted into a pre-prepared bed of adhesive, rolled in and then plastered over. Then the area can be wallpapered, plastered or painted. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

The thermal imaging camera clearly shows the heat coming from the surface heating system. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)