I did it myself!

Get crafty with wallpaper: chests of drawers, shelves, decoration – customise your home

Designing, painting, DIY – the trend for actively adding your own touch to your home continues unabated and there is almost no limit to your imagination. Erfurt & Sohn is the right partner when it comes to styling your walls. The wallpaper specialist has a wide range of wallcoverings that can be painted – the optimum base for personalised walls. And yet you can do so much more with wallpaper: use it to create amazing DIY or up-cycling ideas for your home in an instant. Whether you are renovating wall shelves, romantic hurricane lamps or creating three-dimensional wall murals – Erfurt has a wealth of exciting ideas on its website.

New look for a much-loved treasure: up-cycling with wallpaper

Woodchip, nonwoven and other wallcoverings are perfect for hanging on your walls and then painting – so far, so good. But the company's healthy paper or cellulose-based wallcoverings can also be used to enhance other surfaces: Use them to line the bases of drawers, smarten up ageing cupboard doors or style a tabletop with the remnants of graphic or floral wallpaper. Keen to see a specific example? Wallpaper remnants, pens and a little imagination can be used to transform a simple wall shelf into an individual style statement that is guaranteed to be unique. The striking and expressive textures of Erfurt's Novaboss embossed wallpaper are impressive and ideal for creative crafts. The distinctive embossed motifs can be simply painted to create an amazing 3D effect. It couldn't be easier: Just measure the surface of the shelf to be jazzed up and cut a section of wallpaper the same size. Then use a paintbrush or pens to decorate it to your taste. Handy hint: We recommend removing the back of wall shelves with a removable back, and subsequently covering it completely with the painted wallcovering. Glue the wallcovering to the wall shelf once you have added the finishing touches and allowed the paint to dry. Now all you need to do is find a spot for your new decorative feature and individualise your living space. But the great benefit of self-made accessories or furniture is evident: it blends in perfectly with your furnishings – pattern and colour – and it's also great fun to do. Unleash your creativity whether you opt for bold and bright colours or minimalist black and white. And the fact that it's sustainable is just another bonus: Firstly, you can continue to use existing surfaces and, should your taste change, you can alter things with minimum effort to your new style. Things couldn't get more flexible! Check out www.erfurt.com/creative for step-by-step instructions for the wall shelf – along with a host of other crafty and creative ideas.


Achieve a great impact with little effort: simply cut the remnants of wallpaper to fit, paint them and glue them to wall shelves, chests of drawers or other surfaces. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Creative craft ideas and up-cycling are totally on-trend – amazing results are guaranteed with healthy and PVC- and plasticiser-free textured wallcoverings from Erfurt. Paint it yourself to create an amazing, customised backing for a wall shelf. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Create a harmonious overall look in an instant with matching accessories – an expression of your individual style. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Preferably use spray adhesive to glue the cut and individually painted remnants of wallcovering to your surface – here a wall shelf. Press down firmly and leave to dry. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

The embossed textures make painting easier, creating an amazing 3D effect. Create totally different styles depending on the embossed texture you select – from floral patterns to braided textures and designs reminiscent of coats of arms. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

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