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Naturally efficient and energy-saving

Cold walls? Heating costs going through the roof? Exterior insulation too expensive or impossible? As Nature intended, efficiently insulate with ERFURT KlimaTec, our energy-saving interior wall insulation system. Thermal insulation for mould prevention.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Ensures that rooms heat up quickly
  • Significantly reduces heating costs
  • Breathable and moisture-regulating
  • Prevents mould
  • Covers cracks
  • Can be wallpapered over

ERFURT-KlimaTec: Available as a climate panel for mould remediation or in a range of different styles and thicknesses of interior insulate plates or nonwoven wallcoverings – depending on the needs of your customers. Thermal insulation for mould prevention. Professional, simple and easy to work with.

"Alongside more conventional energy-saving methods (a thick layer of insulation around the shell of the building) thermally effective wallcoverings offer an opportunity to use extremely cost-effective methods to significantly reduce energy requirements, particularly with existing building stock." (Thesis "Efficient heating of solid buildings with intermittent heating", Dr. Alexander Siebel)
(Dissertation "Efficient heating-up of solid wall constructions with intermittent heating," Dr. Alexander Siebel, original German title "Effiziente Anheizung von Gebäuden in massiver Bauweise bei intermittierender Beheizung")