Seamlessly wallpaper entire walls!

The design of very large areas presents designers as well as tradespersons with major challenges: it represents a great deal of work, both in terms of labour and material, but also in ensuring that the result is professional as well as visually clean and tidy. This is precisely where the ERFURT-GIGA roll comes into its own. We enable extensive areas of wall to be seamlessly, quickly and efficiently wallpapered with a full-height roll. Together with a partner, we have also developed a mobile and stable framework specifically for this, along with the ERFURT-GIGA roll, which is positioned vertically in it. Thanks to this construction, the ERFURT-GIGA roll can be wallpapered using the paste-the-wall technique “in an instant” – along the wall in one go. Depending on the design, we offer roll heights of 2.65 m, 3.18 m or 3.20 m. The rolls can be easily individually cut to size on site.

ERFURT-GIGA rolls are available for ERFURT-Variovlies T150 AIRLESS, ERFURT-Vlies-Rauhfaser 32 and 52 and as ERFURT-JuicyWalls digitally printed wallcoverings.

Read all about our ERFURT-GIGA roll in our ERFURT News.


"Decorators can benefit from every aspect of this product – from ease of use and quality to first-class results. In my opinion, the GIGA roll is the best innovation since the airless unit!"

Kai Reefmann, Site technician



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ERFURT-Variovlies T150 AIRLESS

The fibres of a standard flat nonwoven often stand up when an airless process is used, leaving unwanted swellings on the surface. This is where the ERFURT-Variovlies T 150 AIRLESS wallcovering comes into its own. Its extremely smooth surface ensures that only one coat of paint is generally enough to achieve a perfectly painted finish. No need for sanding. No need to roll (although you may wish to).

  • Seamless wallpapering
  • Available in a width of 2.65 m and 3.20 m
  • Extremely smooth surface – fibres do not stand up after coating
  • Ultra-efficient and economical to use
  • Evenly absorbent
  • Apply paint without the need to sand
  • No rolling needed
  • Breathable & dimensionally stable
  • Covers cracks
  • Healthy: free of PVC and plasticisers
  • Can be painted several times


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ERFURT-Vlies-Rauhfaser 32 / 52

The new nonwoven woodchip (Vlies Rauhfaser) has been developed together with decorators. It has excellent tear resistance for fast and easy use, at the same time as having a very soft feel, strong, distinctive texture, fine seam appearance and beautiful white finish. When paste is applied in an airless process, the world’s strongest nonwoven woodchip also becomes the world’s fastest.

  • Seamless wallpapering
  • Available in a width of 2.65 m and 3.18 m
  • Covers cracks
  • Eco-friendly and healthy
  • Free of PVC and plasticisers
  • Breathable and moisture-regulating
  • Suitable for allergy-sufferers
  • Can be painted several times


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More information on Vlies-Rauhfaser 52



ERFURT-JuicyWalls offers the very best professional quality of unique digitally printed wallcoverings on a hard-wearing material for individual wall design. Your own images can also be translated onto the wallcovering, as well as images from an extensive database – for many applications in the home and in the commercial sector. Ultra-simple to select using the online configuration tool at the same time colour-coordinating and blending with the space. For maximum individuality

  • Seamless wallpapering
  • Maximum strip width of 3.20 m
  • Personalised wall design
  • Durable professional quality
  • For the home and commercial sector
  • ERFURT-JuicyWalls: made-to-measure individual walls on easy to use nonwoven wallcoverings.


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It couldn’t be simpler!

The following video shows how simple the seamless application of digitally printed ERFURT-GIGA rolls is.
Find out more information and other videos about seamless wallpapering here. 


The GIGA roller is supplied unassembled. Check out here how simple it is to put together.


Interested decorating firms keen to test the ERFURT-GIGA roll in upcoming major projects should contact our Application Engineering department on +49 202 6110 374.