Terms and Conditions for the Use of ERFURT Image Data and Texts

Use of ERFURT image data and texts provided by the image data base, data storage carrier or email is only permitted in direct connection with ERFURT products or with the provision of the copyright (ERFURT & SOHN KG).

The utilisation and exploitation right is non-exclusive and unrestricted as regards time and territory and applies in regard to the use with all commonly used media (brochures, newspapers, websites, social media channels). Deviating arrangements require the written form.

This utilisation right does not include the right to adapt or transform these works. Only screen size optimisation is permitted. Sublicensing to third parties is not permitted. The provision of images or texts to third parties is only permitted if such third parties are engaged for the creation of advertising materials or company communication. Use in connection with other products or offers of other providers is not permitted. The utilisation right is granted royalty-free and may be cancelled by ERFURT & SOHN KG at any time with future effect with a notice period of two (2) weeks to the end of the month without giving any reason.

If and to the extent third parties assert or enforce any claims based on the use of image data and texts in accordance with these “Terms and Conditions for the Use of ERFURT Image Data and Texts”, ERFURT & SOHN KG must be notified without undue delay. At ERFURT & SOHN KG’s demand, you are obligated to object to a claim raised against you and in the event the claimant takes legal action against you to transfer the right of action to ERFURT & Sohn. ERFURT & Sohn KG will select an attorney, if required, and assume any incurring costs for an out-of-court dispute or any legal proceedings.

Date 01.12.2015