Naturally formulated

This expressive nonwoven wallpaper features clear and striking patterns and consists of a high-grade 85 g nonwoven carrier, coated with a hard-wearing textured profile. Be inspired by the many different textures and create personal visual effects within your four walls.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Three-dimensional, ultra-expressive impact
  • The interplay of light and shadow lends additional plasticity
  • Washable
  • Considerable pressure can be applied when hanging without loss of texture
  • Simple to apply with a pasting machine
  • Easy to correct when wallpapering
  • Also ideal for ceilings

ERFURT-Designvlies nonwoven wallcoverings: Achieve expressive designs and three-dimensional effects simply and quickly with our Designvlies nonwoven wallcoverings. The different striking relief patterns of these paintable wallcoverings simply cannot fail to impress. Generate ultra-versatile and atmospheric images on the wall, thanks to the clearly pronounced textures professionally applied to a Flat Nonwoven to create a striking interplay of light and shadow. Designers, interior designers and decorators can now create eye-catching walls with a three-dimensional effect for a distinctive visually sophisticated design. The wallcoverings can be creatively painted, using metallic paints for example, and some wallcoverings can even be applied horizontally. If required, these user-friendly design nonwoven wallcoverings can also be conveniently stripped dry from the wall.