Digitalvlies DV150 GIGA
Think bigger!

Digitalvlies DV150 GIGA

Think bigger!


ERFURT-Digitalvlies DV150 GIGA rolls enable you to wallpaper seamlessly. The smooth surface ensures that paint is applied perfectly.

  • Seamless wallpapering
  • Available in a 3.20-metre wide roll
  • PVC-free digitally printed wallcoverings
  • Simple to remove
  • Ultra-efficient and economical to use
  • Photo-realistic print quality
  • Breathable & dimensionally stable
  • Covers cracks
  • Healthy: free of PVC and plasticisers



Report on digitally printed wallcoverings in a GIGA roll:

The following video shows how simple the seamless application of digitally printed ERFURT-GIGA rolls
is. Find out more information and other videos about seamless wallpapering here.