Wallpapers that leave an impression

Erfurt is offering new opportunities for designing eye-catching walls with embossed vintage-style Anaglypta wallpapers


Wuppertal, January 2014 - Erfurt & Sohn, the specialists for paintable and functional wall coverings, is now offering its customers even more opportunities for designingeye-catching walls since acquiring the traditional British brand Anaglypta. A sample collection is available to provide useful sales support for these products.
Vintage styling to admire and touch
Wallpapered walls continue to be on-trend, as wallpaper can quickly and easily give a room a new look. Unlike in the past, today wallpaper is regarded by many consumers as afashion accessory, meaning that it has to correspond to the spirit of the age. Erfurt's vintage-style embossed Anaglypta wallpapers meet this requirement. Their new classicallyEnglish textures are inspired by a distinctive past; they are expressive and completely up-to-date in terms of fashion. With their authentic vintage styling, they give every walland ceiling the unmistakable character of bygone days. At the same time, their striking, lasting and stable embossed patterns, which interplay with light and shade, create aunique plasticity and room effect. Painted in bright colours, the Anaglypta range of wallpapers is therefore ideal for eye-catching walls that don't just draw attention tothemselves but also demand to be touched. Erfurt has put together a high-quality collection to support sales, to enable potential customers to experience both effects hands-on.Alongside their appearance, the manufacturer continues to set great store by quality. The Anaglypta range is hard-wearing and healthy, as it is highly hard-wearing and free from PVC.More information at www.erfurt.com.
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Now vintage styling for your walls too: Erfurt is offering new design opportunities for eye-catching walls with the Anaglypta range of embossed wallpapers. (Photo: Erfurt)