New: Erfurt BasicVlies Plano

Smooth wall covering for sustainable room designs


01.01.2011 Efforts to use the resources of the earth sustainably form a major part of many people’s business and everyday lives nowadays – and the trend is rising. Accordingly more and more clients and renovators are looking for product solutions that remain true to this ideal. With this in mind, Erfurt has developed a sustainable wall covering with a paper optic in the form of BasicVlies Plano, a product which gives the DIY customer an inex­pensive introduction to latest trend in smooth wall design. Free from softeners and PVC, both of which can be hazardous to health, the material creates a permeable, moisture-regulating base surface that promotes a healthy living environment and is particularly suitable for paint or wallpaper.

In processing too, the newcomer comes up with some unique advantages: BasicVlies requires no soaking time before hanging. The necessary non-woven wallpaper adhesive can be applied to the wallpaper with a pasting machine or directly to the wall. With the latter method, the wall adhesion technique, each dry width can be placed directly from the roll on to the prepared paste bed and its position adjusted until flush.

After drying, a wall covered with BasicVlies represents a hard-wearing, crack-bridging and abrasion-resistant solution, even for children’s rooms or domestic hallways. When it comes to later redecorating, the wall covering can be wetted with water and easily removed.
The rolls are available in DIY stores from March 2011 in sizes 20 x 0.53 m and 15 x 0.75 m.

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