Erfurt-On wall

An impression that remains: Erfurt-On wall uses digitally printed wallpapers, wall texture and matching paint to create striking, eye-catching features – now also in new HD quality.


Wuppertal, January 2014 - A large number of business people want to give their business premises a fresh look without the expense of replacing all the interior fittings. Localdecorating firms know of an effective solution that's as simple as it's obvious: an eye-catching image wall! Erfurt has developed the On wall design concept for this purpose, effectivelycombining digitally printed wallpapers, paintable non-woven textures and matching paints to create a perfectly coordinated overall impact in every space.
This integrated concept is based on expressive images that transform previously unremarkable walls into truly eye-catching features. Customers can either use their own printed resolutionimage data or alternatively choose from around 300 different images in the On wall collection and image database. Alongside the existing seven themed worlds, there are now over 45 new digitalprint wallpaper images available in the "Natural Finishes" section, which literally bring nature and the environment indoors. The key feature? Thanks to their unique HD quality, the digitalprints are extremely realistic, giving even greater depth to business or private premises. High-resolution images, like brick, marble, pear wood or pebbles are given an impressive look andextreme sharpness by a special 3D scanning process.
Printed on one of the four non-woven textures, the images in all the themed worlds can be ordered online by decorators through the respective sales partner's website. A long list of specialistwholesalers is also available at The rolls of wallpaper are supplied without a border, in 75 cm wide rolls and in brilliant print quality or HD quality. And like the majorityof the Erfurt product range, these rolls of wallpaper are free from PVC, vinyl or other foamed plastics.
Veritable wallpapering individuality: Decorating firms can now convey to their end customers emotional and thus sales-enhancing impressions of the overall design of their homes, whether usingimages, size, texture or colour, by using the Erfurt-On wall catalogue and the "On wall-Designer" design guide. For more information visit
Image 1
Whether abstract art, holiday romance or scenes from nature – every image can be easily wallpapered using digital non-woven wallpapers from Erfurt-On wall. (Photo: Erfurt)