Erfurt KlimaTec KV 600

More rapid comfort by thermal decoupling the room from the brickwork


Simply covering cold walls with warm wallpaper. This is the way the layperson would say how the product is used, while Prof. Dr. Ing. Lothar Siebel of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences describes the effect as increasing the inner wall surface thermals by decoupling the room to be heated from the relatively inert cold storage unit “wall”. In both cases, the subject of the discussion is Erfurt KlimaTec KV 600, a wall covering with which it is possible, among other things, to save up to 36 percent of heating costs.

Thanks to the energetic wall system KlimaTec KV 600, it is now possible to reduce the costs of heating walls by up to 75 percent. The approx. 4 mm thick and easy- to-paper non-woven from the brand manufacturer Erfurt is also suitable as a supplement to composite heat insulating systems because the principle is based not on classical inner insulation but rather on an increase in the wall surface thermals. The special textile fibres decouple the room to be heated from the brickwork so that the inner wall surfaces can reflect the thermal energy of the room air to a high extent. As a result, around 80 percent of the heat is available directly for heating the room and does not have to be invested in heating the cold brickwork. Prof. Dr. Ing. Lothar Siebel from Aachen University of Applied Sciences confirms: This means that savings of up to 36 percent on heating costs are possible with KlimaTec KV 600.

KlimaTec KV 600 makes deposits of cold air, particularly on outer walls, related cold floors and discomfort in the shoulder area a thing of the past. The achievable effect is similar to that pleasurable feeling of walking barefoot on carpet instead of a stone or wooden floor.  Additionally, there is a considerable acceleration in heat exchange through ventilation: In summer, things remain pleasantly cool following ventilation; in winter, things warm up again very quickly. KlimaTec KV 600 is manufactured without PVC, softeners and solvents and is diffusion-open – i.e. it does not create a “plastic bag climate”.

This system is particularly valuable in households that only heat rooms when they are actually occupied and according to need – for example rooms used only from the late afternoon onwards following work-related absence. A further important target group for this subject is owners of clinkered or protected existing property which does not permit classical outside insulation.

Prevention of mould
Thanks to the decoupling of the room from the cold brickwork and the related increase in the surface temperature of the walls, KlimaTec KV 600 also achieves optimum results in terms of mould prevention. It prevents moist-warm room air being deposited as condensation on cool walls, dampening them and thus creating a breeding area for mould. To be sure of success, it is essential that the rooms are regularly ventilated.

Bridging of cracks and structure covering
The approx. 4 mm thick and highly elastic KlimaTec KV 600 also enables the bridging of base surface cracks of categories A, B and C1, as well as equalising light to coarsely structured base surfaces without prior smoothing.

The roll dimensions of KlimaTec KV 600 are 1 x 15 metres. On smooth to medium-structured base surfaces it is processed into energy- saving wall surfaces with Erfurt system adhesive SR 2, on medium to coarse-structured surfaces with Erfurt system adhesive SR 4; subsequently, these wall surfaces can be coated with wood-chip, wallpaper or even plaster.

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