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Modern elegance thanks to high-quality embossed wallpaper! 

The desire for a fresh look in your own home grows at the start of the year. And if you’d like something sophisticated ... 

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Erfurt sends out a clear signal to the industry!

“With the first EPDs for specific wallcovering products, we wish to send out a clear signal”... 

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DIY can be fun!

Do-it-yourself has so many benefits – it’s cheaper, it’s fun and it offers undreamed of possibilities when redecorating. For instance, when wallpapering and painting ...

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BAU 2017

We attended BAU in Munich, held from 16 to 21 January 2017. See for yourself!

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Woodchip’s impressive – so why the need for nonwoven woodchip?

Everyone’s heard of woodchip (Rauhfaser) –  so what is nonwoven woodchip (Vlies-Rauhfaser) actually? 

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What’s more cutting-edge: wallcovering or plaster?

Anyone who is buying a house or renovating an apartment is faced with the question: what should I do with my walls? 

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Thanks to digital technology,

an exhibition gets the “wow” factor


“There aren’t many products like woodchip.”

An interview with Axel Kufus, Professor of Design and Design Development at the University of the Arts in Berlin. 

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Pollutants in your house? No thank you!

Health and environmental awareness are becoming increasingly important to us – so why should it stop at our front door? 

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Project spotlight:

Finally in my new home: “We want to live healthily!”


5-star design!

Cologne’s Euronova Arthotel is impressing its guests with its extraordinary individual design. ERFURT JuicyWalls digital photo wallcoverings cover the walls of the 80 rooms in the hotel. 

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JuicyWalls Pro: more individuality on a wall is just not possible!

Erfurt supports you as a professional with its “Digital Photo Wallpaper” product category 

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“Wall love”: a journey into the world of wallcoverings

Germany’s only Wallpaper Museum in Celle provides a glimpse back through the history of wallcoverings. 

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