Thanks to digital technology, an exhibition gets the “wow” factor

When the Von der Heydt Museum in Wuppertal exhibited around 50 Peter Paul Rubens’ works of art, some 400 square metres of smooth and textured nonwoven wallcoverings were digitally printed by Erfurt for the exhibition and applied millimetre precisely to the walls of the museum. They show reproductions of contemporary and historical works.

A unique form of illustration

Erfurt prepared the data for digital printing to be as close as possible to the originals using a range of reproductive techniques, illustrating the eight chapters of the exhibition, which dealt with the life of the artist. The oversized images interwove artistic and political themes of the era. 


The prerequisite for this: skilful technology 

The relevant data first had to be produced using various compilation and processing techniques for the digital printing of the adhesive lengths of nonwoven wallcoverings. A copper engraving was reproduced, for example, by photographing sections of the original. The original image files were then combined and post-edited to form a complete entity, which precisely matched the dimensions of the exhibition wall to be covered. The files for other background images were produced using CAD graphics programs or extremely high-resolution scans.

A perfect appearance, thanks to perfect seams 

The illusion is almost perfect: it is scarcely perceptible, even from close up, that these are printed wallcoverings. Apart from the high-quality printing process, this is also due to the outstanding seams produced by the nonwoven wallcoverings, which enable the images to be divided between the wallcoverings, regardless of the direction or repeats of the pattern. Ideal with intricate as well as with large-scale images 

The application: unfeasibly easy 

A further major benefit of nonwoven is its ease of handling: it can be applied using the paste-the-wall technique as well as using a pasting machine. And when you no longer need it, simply pull it off at any time. It is free of PVC and similar expanded plastics. Together with its CA-certified special lamination and the use of Eco-Solvent or latex inks, the end result is a visually brilliant and also healthy wallcovering.



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