The 7th generation of Erfurt wallpaper

A lot has happened since Friedrich Erfurt opened his paper mill in Wuppertal in 1827. Over the ensuring 185 years, the family-owned company Erfurt & Sohn KG has grown into a leading wallpaper manufacturer of wallpaper – now in its 7th generation.  ERFURT now offers a broad-based product range, thanks to ongoing product development and the introduction of innovative types of wallpaper and technical products. The company has steadily expanded its product range in recent decades.


It is impossible to imagine home decoration without the various grain textures of traditional woodchip wallpaper, and yet nonwoven, textured and embossed wallpaper, as well as digitally printed wallpaper, are now permanent fixtures in the product range.


The benefits of its products for a healthier lifestyle are of central importance to ERFURT. All ERFURT woodchip, nonwoven, textured, embossed and digitally printed wallpaper is free of PVC and plasticisers.


ERFURT wallpaper is sold in over 30 countries and always guarantees environmentally sustainable and high-quality wall design, regardless of which of the many wallpaper textures you opt for.