Rauhfaser ELLA woodchip – For a better climate

Our new product, Rauhfaser ELLA woodchip, supports environmental conservation, at the same time impressing on account of its sophisticated design. The minimalist texture blends into any interior and can be simply and easily applied to walls or ceilings. The new wallcovering allows customers to decorate ecologically and stylishly in parallel, while at the same time supporting a range of climate conservation projects. Get involved!

  • Certified wood fibres
  • Healthy and environmentally friendly
  • CO2-neutral
  • No plastic packaging
  • Made from recycled paper

What is so unique about ELLA?

As part of the “Plant Trees in Germany” environmental conservation project, the charitable German Forest Protection Association (Schutzgemeinschaft Deutscher Wald e.V.) plants new trees to offset the emissions generated during production. The emission values are calculated by certified experts working at ClimatePartner. Every tree planted in this way in Germany's forests helps to neutralise our CO2 emissions.

Find out more here about our carbon offsetting:

And because we always think beyond our own borders, we are also supporting an internationally recognised forestry protection project in Brazil.

We are helping to preserve forests as habitats for animals and plants through our resource-conserving use of raw materials. We use only recycled paper and certified wood fibres from sustainable forestry for the production of Rauhfaser ELLA woodchip. ELLA is also completely plastic-free: we avoid unnecessary plastic waste from its creation to its sale.

The safety of our production processes and the materials used are regularly certified by independent institutes: Among other seals, ELLA carries the “Blue Angel” eco-label and the “suitable for allergy sufferers” seal awarded by the TÜV North Test Centre, thereby guaranteeing its special environmental compatibility as well as its positive health qualities.

Get involved!

Register now for our newsletter and support our climate protection project. We make a donation to the planting of trees for every registration.


Take a look at the production and packaging of ELLA here.



Sustainability at ERFURT




“As a family-owned company, it is imperative that
we think in terms of generations”

Erfurt family, 6th - 9th generation


Sustainability has been an integral element of our corporate philosophy for generations and influences everything we do – whether the sustainability of our products, our site or our social engagement.
The constant careful use of valuable raw and recycled materials for the sake of the climate and environment has traditionally characterised our family company – from generation to generation.
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