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Perfectly smooth wall design coupled with an eco-friendly conscience: Erfurt-Variovlies Eco Green is healthy and 100% carbon neutral.

Wuppertal, February 2022 – (fpr) "I feel really at home here!" – This matters so much especially within your own four walls. When it comes to the interior design of their homes, people want to impose their personal style on it, at the same time as incorporating healthy and sustainable solutions. This applies both to the furniture and floor coverings they select as well as to the design of the walls. Smooth walls are currently very much in vogue. Customers who opt for a Flat Nonwoven wallcovering instead of plaster benefit from a number of clever advantages – and not just in terms of its look and homely comfort.


Variovlies Eco Green: simple, sustainable wallpapering

Erfurt-Variovlies Eco Green comes into its own on walls, creating a smooth finish to underline its even appearance. The high-grade Flat Nonwoven is quick to apply using the paste-the-wall technique without the need for a pasting table: simply apply length after length to the pasted wall -with no need for soaking -paint over, and you're done! And then when you decide that you no longer like the colour – not a problem! The Flat Nonwoven can be re-painted several times and offers plenty of opportunity for creative wall techniques – to create stunning individually styled rooms. And hair cracks, which often appear in new buildings or on plasterboard walls, are easily covered, thanks to its crack-covering qualities. Variovlies Eco Green is available in a convenient width of 75 cm, making it simple and easy to handle, combined with fewer seams. And, if you need to, you can also simply return the wall to its original state, as the Flat Nonwoven can be quickly and easily removed. And the plaster underneath has been beautifully protected by the nonwoven up to then.


100% healthy and resource-conserving

Never make compromises when it comes to your own well-being – not even on your walls. Variovlies Eco Green provides the ideal prerequisites for healthy interior wall design. And this is even taken into account during its resource-conserving production process. Erfurt attaches great importance to the efficient use of energy, economical consumption of water, and raw materials made of high-quality recycled materials. The use of defined varieties of recycled paper gives the nonwoven a brilliant white finish – without the need for additives. And the company's fundamental renunciation of PVC, solvents or plasticisers harmful to health guarantees its healthy product qualities. The excellent life cycle assessment of Flat Nonwoven was confirmed by the award of an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD). Variovlies Eco Green also stands out on account of the fact that it consists of 100% recycled fibres and is the first carbon-neutral Flat Nonwoven. To achieve this carbon neutrality, any emissions unavoidably produced in production are compensated for by Erfurt in cooperation with ClimatePartner. Erfurt considers that it is making a valuable contribution to combating climate change by supporting various projects, e.g. "Plant a Tree in Germany".

In conclusion, opting for 100% eco-friendly Erfurt-Eco Green for your walls means that you are applying a professional-quality wallcovering to your home that is both healthy and also protects the environment.

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Rooms gain a personal touch as Erfurt Flat Nonwoven leaves plenty of scope for you to unleash your creativity. And then when you decide you no longer like it, simply paint over it with a different colour. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Variovlies Eco Green also stands out on account of the fact that it is made of 100% recycled fibres. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Variovlies Eco Green is the first carbon-neutral Flat Nonwoven (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

And if you are conscious of the health aspects with it comes to interior wall design, Erfurt wallcoverings are also produced without the use of PVC, solvents of plasticisers harmful to health. And 100% environmental Variovlies Eco Green also helps to protect the environment. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

Erfurt, in collaboration with ClimatePartner, also supports various projects to compensate for the unavoidable emissions produced in production and guarantees the carbon neutrality of Variovlies Eco Green. (Photo: ClimatePartner / Erfurt wallcoverings)

The rolls have a convenient width of 75 cm, which has benefits in terms of ease of handling and fewer seams. (Photo: Erfurt wallcoverings)

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