The Erfurt-GIGA roll: the world’s largest wallcovering roll!

Wallpapering large wall surfaces extremely economically and seamlessly – that’s now possible with the latest innovation from Erfurt & Sohn. Designers, customers and decorators alike are all set to benefit from the GIGA roll, as it delivers first-class results with measurably less time and effort.


Wuppertal, December 2019 – (fpr) Providing solutions that are both progressive and highly efficient, at the same time as offering added value to everyone involved – that’s the aim that Erfurt & Sohn has set itself in the creation of new products. The market-leader and forerunner in the innovation of paintable wallcoverings has stayed true to this maxim with its latest product launch: the GIGA roll. Available from January 2020, for the first time this product promises the virtually seamless wallpapering of large wall surfaces – with proven savings in terms of time and work. Erfurt actively engaged in dialogue with designers and decorators in the development of this completely new wallpapering method and put the GIGA roll through the “acid test” on real building sites before its launch. The result: a first-class appearance and improved economy and efficiency convinced decorators, site managers and customers across the board.

The concept of the GIGA roll

The design of very large areas, in particular, presents designers as well as tradespersons with major challenges: it represents a great deal of work, both in terms of labour and material, but also in ensuring that the result is professional as well as visually clean and tidy. This is precisely where the Erfurt-GIGA roll comes into its own. “The idea behind it is as simple as it is ingenious,” states Josef Pritzl, Product Manager at Erfurt, explaining the concept. “We enable extensive areas of wall to be seamlessly, quickly and economically wallpapered with a full-height roll. We also developed a mobile and stable framework specifically for this, along with the ERFURT-GIGA roll, which is positioned vertically in it. Thanks to this construction, Glattvlies flat nonwoven, Vlies-Rauhfaser nonwoven woodchip and digitally printed wallcoverings on a nonwoven base can be wallpapered using the paste-the-wall technique along the wall in one go. “Depending on the design, we offer roll heights of 2.65 m, 3.18 m or 3.20 m. The rolls can be easily individually cut to size on site.”

The “acid test” of the GIGA roll

When developing the GIGA roll, it was important to Erfurt that it was as simple as possible to use. To guarantee optimum results, site managers and decorators thoroughly tested the innovation on sites in Bremen (residential property) and Osnabrück (administrative building). Over 30,000 m² of walls were covered in these projects – and everyone involved was totally convinced. Kai Reefmann, Site Engineer with dieWertschöpfer GmbH, comments enthusiastically: “When it was positioned correctly, the roll was easy to carry. It was equally easy to insert it into the framework.” And wallpapering with it was just as simple. The inserted roll is simply positioned on the wall at the start of a pasted wall, aligned on the wall or ceiling and then simply applied along the surface of the wall. “In a short time, two employees had hung the wallcovering seamlessly, crease-free and with clean hands. It was brilliant – there were no seams regardless of the temperature on site,” continues Reefmann.

Win-win all round

“We were able to save a considerable amount of time when wallpapering, thanks to the GIGA roll,” summarises Reefmann. “Also, we saved time painting, particularly with the Glattvlies flat nonwoven, as there was absolutely no need to fill any seams. And the totally even surface resulted in a seamless handover and, as a consequence, extremely satisfied customers. Coupled with the clear economical benefits, I would unequivocally recommend the GIGA roll for all kinds of projects.” And Josef Pritzl continues: “Our dialogue with everyone involved was worth its weight in gold. We regard ourselves as problem-solvers, working for and also with designers and decorators on an equal footing. We are convinced that the GIGA roll will simplify workflows as well as improving the design and economical aspects for all stakeholders.”

Many versions of the GIGA roll are available from wholesalers from January 2020. Josef Pritzl would be happy to provide more information on the product and its uses on: +49 202 6110-212 and at More information at Initial videos showing how to work with the GIGA roll can be found at What is more, against the background of the new campaign slogan “Germany wallpapers”, thanks to Erfurt, the new GIGA roll means that Germany is also wallpapering – horizontally!


Professionals can save a considerable amount of time when wallpapering, thanks to the GIGA roll. (Photo: Erfurt)

Room-height wallpapering: with the GIGA roll and its proprietary framework. (Photo: Erfurt)

Kai Reefmann of dieWertschöpfer GmbH is enthusiastic about the GIGA roll from the outset. (Photo: Erfurt)

Josef Pritzl, Product Manager at Erfurt & Sohn. (Photo: Erfurt)