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With its range of digitally printed wallcoverings Erfurt & Sohn is offering the ultimate in individuality when it comes to wall design – providing customers with the perfect opportunity to creatively individualise the design of their homes and offices.


Wuppertal, December 2017 – (fpr) Whether in terms of work, social interactions or consumer behaviour: nothing better describes the desire of the individual for self-expression and independence as well as the current mega-trends for "customisation" and "personalisation". A huge range of consumer goods and innovations are offering a wealth of possibilities in almost all sectors, enabling people to express themselves and share this with others. This trend is very closely linked to the advance of digitalisation, with social networking acting as the powerful driver with which new trends and styles can be shared almost in real time. It has never been so easy for the world to share in a person’s life of thought in words, photos and videos. With their high level of creative self-expression, Facebook and Snapchat, among others, are also paving the way for the creation of new business fields and services. They include the specification of technical and digital services, which result in a personalised product perfectly tailored to the customer’s needs.

A focus on customers’ requests: Erfurt digital printing

This development can also generally be translated to interior design and specifically to wall design. Unusual small-batch solutions are now called for, which stand out from mass-market "off-the-peg" solutions and thus meet people’s specific individual needs. Erfurt & Sohn is precisely meeting this demand for unique wall design with its extensive expertise in digital printing. Unlike pre-produced patterned and designer wallcoverings, it is the customer’s imagination along, rather than industry, that shapes the subsequent wall design. JuicyWalls and Erfurt-Digitalvlies nonwoven – which is printed by highly specialised service providers – therefore offer designers, interior architects and decorators alike a wealth of different solutions that enable professionals to put the customer’s requirements at the heart of the decision-making and implementation process. "It is no longer a problem to involve customers in the design and production process, thanks to this massive technical advance and innovative digital printing process," explains Frank Seemann, Marketing Director at Erfurt & Sohn. "Imaging technologies have become consumer-friendly and accessible to a wider public, thanks to smartphones and digital cameras. The ‘Digital Natives’ target group also continues to grow. This development has given rise to a totally new awareness of stylish images, which also has an impact of an individual’s personal vision about how to design his business or private space. And this is precisely where we come in with our expertise.”

Digital printing par excellence

For many years, Erfurt has been deploying its knowledge, expertise and experience in digital printing, offering professional decorators and private consumers tailor-made advice and support – specific to each project and aligned to each and every individual customer. Firstly, Erfurt-Digitalvlies nonwoven is finished by specialised digital printers in the graphic industry and sold worldwide including accessories, such as paste and wallpapering implements* – as it were, by professionals for professionals. Secondly, the JuicyWalls portfolio succeeds in transforming individualised wall images into a reality, thanks to special printing equipment and made-to-measure ordering options. Erfurt is capable of translating anything that is available in digital form onto wallcoverings – whether graphics, images, patterns, logos, graduations or an area, or images from the JuicyWalls world of images or the customer’s own digital files. "The decision about the form in which something is to be visualised lies with the customer," continues Frank Seemann. "Our experts provide inspiration, offer advice and develop visual design ideas and concepts together with the customer or with designers, interior designers or professional decorators which meet the customer’s specific wishes and ideas." This offers the customer a high level of individual involvement, giving professionals the basis for cooperation based on trust and hence a high level of customer satisfaction.

Added environmental-friendliness thanks to high-grade textures

These wallcoverings, printed in brilliant sharpness, are cut pixel-precisely in a preliminary printing stage and production process, which ensures the exact application of individual lengths of wallpaper to the wall – both with detailed images as well as when covering larger image areas. The various textures perfectly translate the effect of the image and pattern etc., giving the images additional dimensionality and depth. And thanks to their high-quality material properties, Erfurt products also offer customers a wealth of relevant benefits. Digitalvlies nonwoven wallcoverings are durable and made of special cellulose and textile fibres with a finish pre-coated for digital printing. The final wall image also remains beautiful in the long term, as it is also dimensionally stable and covers cracks. And, last but not least, Erfurt also provides the best base surface in terms of health, as the wallcoverings are free of PVC, plasticisers and solvents harmful to health.

"The market for individually produced wall and room concepts offers massive potential, now and in the future," comments Frank Seemann. "If everyone involved in the implementation process is pulling in the same direction – the customer with his vision, the designer or interior architect and the craftsman applying the finished product – then digital printing experts are able to deliver impressive results, thanks to their design-based and technical expertise as well as many years of industry experience. There is no end in sight to the potential possibilities offered by the advancing development of digitalisation. In future Erfurt will continue to do everything possible to be a valuable partner to consumers and professionals in supporting extremely individual projects and making them a reality.”

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* The Igepa Group Germany and Europe has also been successfully marketing Digitalvlies nonwoven in its own product range: Igepa Wall Fleece by Erfurt,  

Almost every visual design request can be achieved using high-quality Erfurt digitally printed wallcoverings. Foto: Erfurt

The customised production of wallcoverings – as here in toner printing – delivers excellent results on the wall. Foto: Erfurt

Technical advances make it possible: high quality digital printers are capable of translating every digital file onto wallcoverings – whether customers’ personal photos or professionally produced graphics. Foto: Erfurt

According to Frank Seemann: "Erfurt supports professionals and customers in making their individual wall concepts a reality." Foto: Erfurt