Multifunctional benefits for walls and ceilings

Erfurt-KlimaTec produces energy-savings, mould remediation and creates an atmosphere of well-being


Wuppertal, January 2014 - You can create fast heat you can feel with a wall or ceiling covered with Erfurt KlimaTec thermal non-wovenwherever you need extensive energy to heat up the walls before heating up the air in a room. Use the efficient energy-saving wall covering to"warm-wallpaper" cold walls, as it were, as the room to be heated is "disconnected" from the colder masonry, shortening the heating-up phase byup to 75 percent. This enables you to make significant energy-savings of up to 22 percent, at the same time as creating an atmosphere of well-beingmore quickly.
The system offers major benefits especially for rooms that are only used temporarily, like studies, guest rooms or lounges, as the walls in theserooms have often cooled down considerably. KlimaTec does not work on the principle of traditional interior insulation, but rather is based on raisingthe surface temperature of the walls. Falling cold air, especially along cold exterior walls, resulting in cold feet and discomfort at shoulder height,is now a thing of the past. Furthermore, air exchange can also be accelerated by ventilation. In summer your home therefore remains pleasantly cool,while in winter the rooms heat up very quickly, resulting in significantly lower energy consumption all year round, with associated cost savings.
A further major benefit has also been determined with regard to mould prevention: walls coated with KlimaTec minimise precipitation from condensation,as the surface temperature of the wall rises rapidly, minimising possible breeding grounds for mould and fungus.
The thermally effective wall covering is predominantly used on all smooth or textured solid base surfaces. To achieve maximum energy savings, we wouldrecommend using 1 millimetre thick Erfurt-KlimaTec Basic thermal non-woven on interior partition walls and 3 mm thick Erfurt-KlimaTec Premium thermalnon-woven on all solid walls. There is no loss of living space thanks to the minimal thickness of both products.
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Thanks to its minimal thickness and ease of use, it is possible to achieve significant energy-savings with Erfurt-KlimaTec without major constructionwork and with minimal financial outlay. (Photo: Erfurt)
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The innovative KlimaTec system consists of thermal non-woven and system adhesive. (Photo: Erfurt)