Erfurt Variovlies R 300

Voluminous smooth non-woven for the renovation, for example, of glass fabric and plaster


01.01.2010In the past, old, unsightly glass-fibre or plaster surfaces have constituted work-intensive challenges for painters and decorators needing to create smooth surfaces suitable for wallpapering. With the voluminous Variovlies R 300, Erfurt now offers an efficient solution for the renovation of structured base surfaces in just a few work steps.

With smooth to lightly-structured surfaces, the material is laid in Erfurt system adhesive SR 2 which has previously been rolled generously onto the base surface in widths using a long-fibre roller. On medium to coarse-structured base surfaces, the filled Erfurt system adhesive SR 4 must first be applied in widths, crossways to the running direction, with a toothed spatula – B2 or C3 depending on the base surface – before the non-woven can be laid in this and pressed down free of bubbles using a cellular rubber roller or a wallpapering spatula.
As a result, previously structured surfaces can be prepared easily and quickly for the further processing of wall coverings in just two steps using Variovlies R 300.

The two-component composite system from special textile fibre is manufactured free from PVC, glass fibre, softeners and solvents with a rational roll dimension of 1 x 25 metres. It is dimensionally stable and bridges category A and B cracks.

Variovlies R 300 is one of a total of four modules of the new product system for the redevelopment, renovation and modernisation of inside walls – in short SanReMo – from the brand manufacturer Erfurt. The other three modules offer product solutions for the subjects energy saving, structure-providing surface modernisation as well as surface reinforcement (see also separate press information).

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