Creative innovation in DIY

Addition of new and modern textures to the Erfurt Trendvlies range


Wuppertal, January 2014 - Wallpapering is one of the most popular pastimes of private do-it-yourself enthusiasts, alongside painting, carpet-laying and minorelectrical work. This is due, above all, to the modern non-woven materials that greatly simplify adhesion today. The smooth andtextured wallpapers in the Erfurt Trendvlies DIY range have therefore established themselves over the years as a viable base wallcovering in the construction and DIY markets. Now innovative and modern textures have been added to the impressive portfolio, offeringDIY enthusiasts a wealth of new possibilities in the design of individual walls.
The tried-and-tested textures Bast, Reptile, Crash, Sisal and Spot and the smoother finishes Flat and Plano are being given a creativeboost. With its new Trendvlies wallpapers Mesh, Crust, Plissé and Yarn, Erfurt is adding fashionable products, which DIY enthusiastscan use to create something special on their walls. The strength of Trendvlies wallpapers is that you can combine the stronger or finertextures to match your individual taste and enhance them with the latest colours to create veritable feature walls. Regardless of whetheryou want smooth-looking walls, plastered or stamped walls or stippled or rolled design effects on your walls – all versions of ErfurtTrendvlies incorporate the benefits of conventional non-woven wallpapers: they cover cracks, can be hung with non-woven adhesive withoutthe need for soaking, using the wall adhesion technique, and neither stretch nor shrink. The reason for this is the high-grade, breathablecombination of materials, consisting of cellulose and textile fibres, which also stand out by being moisture-regulating. Regardless ofwhether you opt for the new textures or the proven classics, all products in the Erfurt DIY Trendvlies range are manufactured without theuse of plasticisers, PVC, vinyl, or other foamed plastics. The "Suitable for allergy-sufferers" seal awarded by the TÜV Nord Test Centre,also confirms that the products are manufactured from non-allergenic and toxin-controlled material. Practical! If you want to change thedesign of your walls again at a later date, the lengths of painted, stippled or plastered wallpaper can simply be removed dry from the wallwith ease. More information at
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Trendvlies Mesh: Its fine texture combines with grey paint to create a truly eye-catching wall. (Photo: Erfurt)