Avoiding thermal bridges around windows and seams

Erfurt & Sohn has developed an insulating wedge and fine plaster for the KlimaTec system


Wuppertal, January 2014 - (fpr) Erfurt & Sohn is adding two new products to its KlimaTec system with its Insulating Wedge DK 2 and Fine Plaster FP 2.Alongside its well-known products, like KlimaTec Klimavlies KV 600, its Climate Panel KP 2500+ and its Insulating Plaster DP 6, the Wuppertal-based specialistfor wall coverings is now also offering an effective solution to combat thermal bridges created around components that join each other or around seams.
KlimaTec system to improve interior insulationCold interior wall surfaces can be the result of inadequate insulation of exterior walls and where construction materials with different levels of thermalconductivity join up. They increase the loss of thermal energy and the risk of condensing air humidity in homes and especially in wet rooms. It's not longbefore mould and fungus start forming on the walls. Alongside more costly exterior insulation measures, the best method of prevention is to improve the interiorwall insulation. With its KlimaTec system, Erfurt & Sohn has an efficient solution for this.
Insulating wedge – useful addition to the climate panelKlimaTec system insulating plates are very effective for energy-optimising renovation or for mould remediation. The KP 2500+ is perfect for use on large areas andthe Insulating Wedge DK2 for areas where the climate panels join up. The insulating wedge complements the climate panel and compensates for the effects of thermalbridges. It can also be used in insulated and uninsulated areas to avoid visible edges of the climate panel. Measuring 60 x 40 x 2.5/0.5 centimetres, one side isangled and thus fits the transition surfaces perfectly.
Fine plaster and filler in oneErfurt-KlimaTec Fine Plaster FP2 is used to produce fine surfaces. It can be used as a fine plaster on coarser textured, mineral plaster surfaces and is perfect asa filler for use indoors. It is mineral-based, permeable with low tension, producing a thickness of only one to three millimetres. More at www.erfurt-klimatecpro.com.
Image 1
Heat loss and mould growth is prevented thanks to the KlimaTec system. (Photo: Erfurt)
Image 2
The angled Insulating Wedge DK 2 is used above all to compensate for the effects of thermal bridges. (Photo: Erfurt)
Image 3
The permeable Erfurt-KlimaTec Fine Plaster FP 2 is available in a 25 kg pack. (Photo: Erfurt)